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Tom Crowley -, Ext. 3206

Sarah Meadows -, Ext. 3205

Amy Meadows -, Ext. 3203

Phone: 740-754-2941

Fax: 740-754-6249

Welcome to Student Services
(formerly known as the Guidance Office)

Our office exists so that we can help students at Tri-Valley High School be the most successful they can be during their time here. We assist students who have questions about or are dealing with issues regarding academics, social issues, emotional issues, or anything in between. We work as a liaison between a student and a parent, student and a teacher, or an administrator. If we are unable to provide help or an answer we can connect students or parents with outside resources who can. Long story short-we are here to HELP and advocate for students. Please stop by and see us with any questions you might have while attending Tri-Valley. 


The Student Services Team

Counselor Tom Crowley, Counselor Sarah Meadows and Secretary Amy Meadows

Keep in Touch with Student Services
We may occassionally send out announcements throught the Remind App. Please subscribe so you are kept informed.
Seniors: TVHS Class of 2020 @tvhs20
Juniors: TVHS Class of 2021 @tvclass21
Sophomores: TVHS Class of 2022 @tvclass22
Freshmen: TVHS Class of 2023 @tvclass23


2020 College Credit Plus

Visit the CCP area of our website (left hand navigation) for more details and links to applications and Intent to Participate form. Stop in Student Services if you have questions.

Attn: Juniors
All juniors will take the ACT test for free at TVHS on February 25, 2020. We will hold pre-administration for the test on February 19 at 8 am. 
Attn: College Credit Plus Students
Please bring in your college schedule as soon as possible and before school starts. We will need to make sure you are taking everything you need to stay on track for graduation. If you are part-time at the college, we need your schedule so we can coordinate your classes at the high school.
CCP Remind: TVHS CCP19-20 @tvccp19-20
Check to see if we have your textbook before buying it at the college bookstore. 

It's easy to search if you know the title and author of the book needed. Zane State and OUZ have an online program that makes it easy to look up books by course.

Our college books are a part of our online catalog inventory and can be looked up hereThis will allow you to search for titles and see if we have them.

Important Dates
February 19 - Pre-Administration for all juniors for the ACT
February 25 - ACT for all juniors
March 11 - Grading period ends
March 12 - Zane State Accuplacer test
March 23-30 - Scheduling for next year
March 31-April 1 - ELA End of Course exam
April 27 - Geometry End of Course exam
April 28 - Government End of Course exam
April 29 - Biology End of Course exam
April 30 - Algebra End of Course exam
May 1 - US History End of Course exam
May 5 - AP Calculus exam
May 7 - AP Chemistry and AP Physics exams
May 8 - AP History exam
May 13 - AP Language exam
May 20 - Last day of school
May 20 - Senior Awards ceremony
May 22 - Graduation