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All job openings for Certified and Classified staff will be posted here.  Be sure to check back frequently.

The Tri-Valley Local School District uses an on-line application process for all positions. Vacancies are posted on the Online Application System and will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By clicking the desired application link, you will be directed to another site where you can complete and submit an application. Please follow the directions carefully, and complete as much of the application as possible.

Application materials will be kept for two years. You may update your on-line application with additional information at any time via the internet.

When completing the application, please have the following information available:

  • Personal information
  • Education history
  • Related experience (personal and professional activities)
  • Certificate/License information (if applicable)
  • Employment history
  • References

                                                                                 To view job postings and apply for a position:

Prospective Employees         Current Employees



Want to become a Substitute Teacher?
Individuals interested in working as a substitute teacher in the Tri-Valley Local School District need to contact the Licking Valley Educational Service Center (LCESC) at 740-349-6084.  All teacher substitutes must be listed on the LCESC's substitute list in order to teach in the Tri-Valley district.

Want to become a Classified Substitute?
Our non-teaching substitue positions include edcuational aide, secretary, food service, custodian and bus driver. Those interested in a non-teaching substitute position may apply on our website under the PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEE tab.  For additional questions, please contact the Tri-Valley District Office at 740-754-1442.  All positions require background checks.