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Superintendent's Message

We are past the midway point of the school year and all is well at Tri-Valley. February is the time of year
when many school related issues come to mind. State testing, staffing changes, basketball and wrestling
tournaments, and weather are a few of the big ones looming on the horizon.
It has been a very mild winter thus far and this means there have been relatively few disruptions to the
school year. This has resulted in two cancellation days and only one two-hour delay due to weather.
However, there is a lot of winter left before us! Residents may still sign up on our school website for text
message/email notifications and the most up to date information on cancellations and delays.
It is also the time of year when we gear up for the marathon of standardized testing that will begin
shortly. Please make sure to check your child’s testing schedule and make sure they get plenty of rest
during this period. We will make every effort to make the testing process as painless as possible for our
students here at school.

I always enjoy sharing facts about our school district in our newsletter, and I appreciate the feedback I
hear throughout the community from those who are often surprised by some of this data. Our current
enrollment is 2688 students, 299 of those students attend under Open Enrollment which generates $ 1.1
million dollars annually. Of our approximately $41 million in total annual revenue. The school district
employs roughly 400 people, and the salaries and benefits of our employees account for over 70% of
total district expenses. Tri-Valley has not had an operating levy on the ballot since the 1980’s.
Finally, I want to share a little information about where America’s students are attending school. 65.1
million students attend schools in America and nearly 82% of them attend public schools. (Census.Gov)
With all of the talk about vouchers and Ed. Choice Scholarships in Ohio, very few Tri-Valley residents are
participating in these options.
As always, residents should always feel free to contact the school district with any questions and we will
attempt to get you answers as soon as possible.

Mark K. Neal
TV Superintendent