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Ashley Knowlton

Tri-Valley Local Schools provide comprehensive, instructional, curricular, and assessment programs to serve the educational needs of all students.  District and building goals demonstrate a strong commitment to improving student achievement and ensure all students are college and career ready.

Teachers and administration are working together to align the curriculum, instructional resources, and teaching methods/strategies to the Ohio New Learning Standards.  Copies of the standards are available on-line at and click on Academic Content Standards or by request at the district and school building offices.  Tri-Valley Local Schools provide educational resources and programs that focus on increased student achievement.  Visit the district and building webpages to access a variety of resources and programs that support and strengthen students' academic success.  

Title I is a federally funded program designed to ensure that all children have an opportunity to access a high quality education.  The purpose of the Title I program is to provide additional opportunities and resources to acquire the skills outlined in the Ohio New Learning Standards that all students are expected to meet.  Title I eligible buildings are determined by federal requirements regarding percentage of low-income children.  To receive Title I funding, each school district must submit a local improvement plan each year.  On-site reviews are conducted regularly by the state to monitor the success of a school district’s Title program. Title I services include additional instruction/small group tutoring, with highly qualified teaching staff, beyond what is taught with the regular classroom instruction to ensure that all students will achieve success.  Title I programs are offered at Dresden Elementary, Frazeysburg Elementary, and Adamsville Elementary.   Parent involvement is a key component for the success of the Title I Reading program.  Parent involvement opportunities include: Annual Title I parent meeting, School-Family Compact, District and Building Parental Involvement Policy, district/building newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, family nights, volunteer programs, and other building-specific activities. For further information on parent resources and academic information, visit

Educator Information
Tri-Valley Local Schools receives federal money to support a portion of our elementary reading intervention programs.  In accordance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 2001 or the No Child Left Behind Act, we are required to notify all parents of their right to request information related to the qualifications of their child's teacher(s).  This information is available through the district office and can be requested at any time by interested parents.  Please call 740-754-1442 to request information related to this provision of federal and state law.  
CORE-Educator Information allows you to look up educators who are currently licensed or certified by the state of Ohio.  You can use the name of the educator and/or the name of the school district to find an educator and view his or her credentials.