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This is my tenth year teaching at Frazeysburg and I am so thankful for everything that has happened in my life.  I wish you and your family nothing but the best as you watch your student(s) grow this school year.  If your student needs extra assistance in math or science, please contact me.  I am willing to help out any way possible (at recess/before school).   We will cover several rules the first few weeks of school and get to know everyone.  As the role models of this school and community, I expect a lot out of every sixth grader.  If you have any questions/concerns, please let me know through email: psheck@tvschools.org Check in periodically below to see what is going on each week!
Three days in and we have completed our Science S.L.O.  Ask your student what percent they earned. It is perfectly fine if they earned an eleven percent or an eighty percent.  This assessment gives me the chance to show improvement over the 6th grade Science standards/indicators. We will begin in chapter 3 on Monday after we complete our STAR assessment. Your student should be memorizing their math facts.  If they do not know them, they will be pulled out for R.T.I. (response to intervention) during their computer lab time (1:15-1:45) to practice both L.A. and Math.  
Have a great weekend!
P. Sheck 
We are covering chapter three in our math journal.  Your student will get back their first in-class/homework assignment Friday, August 30th.  If he or she missed several questions they will be pulled for RTI (response to intervention) by a variety of teachers and aides. This is an opportunity (1:15-1:45) to get caught back up on whatever topic needs more practice. Please talk to your student about practicing their math facts and also asking questions throughout the school year.  Currently, we are working on a fifth grade topic (adding and subtracting decimals) and multiplying decimals.  We will have our first quiz (ten points) on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019.  If your student(s) need more practice, please let me know. 
In Science, we are working on the three different types of rocks, soil, the rock cycle and our hands on project "Settling on Sediments". Remember, we work roughly eighty percent on math and twenty percent on Science.  A lot of the Science projects will be completed outside of class.
Have a great day!
P. Sheck
We have finished Chapter 3 (adding/subtracting decimals and review of multiplication).  We will continue with these topics and go more in-depth.  In math, we will work toward mastering ratios (Chapter 1, page 3).  We will be getting in our small learning groups daily starting on Monday, September 9th, 2019. In groups, students will be able to have one on one instruction, practice ratio blaster (game), work on ALEKS, complete Science assignment (Think/Talk/Write pg. 323 #1-5), and practice 5-A-Day with their peers.  This fifteen minute "center" per day will allow students to practice specific topics throughout the school year.  It allows me the opportunity to pen point where they need assistance and which students are ready for advancement.  This differentiation process allows students to reach their upmost potential in math/science.
Have a great week!
If you ever have questions/concerns, please let me know.
P. Sheck
Today we have mastered LCM & GCF.  If your student(s) have not yet memorized their math facts, they will need to continue to practice over the week.  There is no homework over the weekend; however, students should be reading every night, and continue to earn blue ribbons on Study Island.  If you have questions, comments or concerns, please let me know. On Laca, I update the grades as quickly as possible to solve any issues with your student(s). The first quiz, students had the opportunity to stay in at recess to "retry" the quiz over decimals (adding, subtracting, multiplying) but only one student stayed in.  Please work/talk with your student(s) about these critical opportunities. 
Have a great weekend!
P. Sheck
We are working on Ratios (pgs. 23-25) currently and reviewing the following topics: LCM, GCF, Ratios, Multiplying, Adding/Subtracting Decimals.  In the next few days, we will cover the following: Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Rounding, Rates, Unit Rate.
I am planning on our Unit 1 Exam to be on Friday, September 20th, 2019 after grandparents/grand-friend's day. I will send study guides home Friday, September 13th.
In Science, we are working on our own Rock Cycles (drawing), discussing rocks/minerals, and completing our "Settling on Sediments" project.  If your student(s) needs assistance, please let me know.
P. Sheck 
This week we are finishing up chapter 1 and taking our assessment on Friday.  Study guides went home on Friday (13th). During centers, we will go over whichever topics are necessary for mastery. In Science, we discussed streak, different ways to classify minerals, how minerals have the same properties throughout (while rocks do not) as well as talked about the importance of rocks and the rock cycle. 
If you have any questions/concerns, please let me know.


P. Sheck  
We are off to a great start in math & science.  In math, we are in Unit 2 (Fractions, Decimals, Percents) and comparing the three. Our goal is to complete "2E on Study Island (Percents) by the end of September.  We will not have centers this week; however, centers will resume Monday, September 30th.  We will focus in on finding common denominators, adding and subtracting fractions, using the "blue beast" (calculators), and taking our pre-assessment to see what the students already know and understand. 
In Science, we will complete our "Settling on Sediments" (due 26th of Sept.) project and continue learning about the three types of rocks.  We will compare our water bottles to see the layers in Sedimentary rocks. Let's have a great week!
P. Sheck
The last day in September and we are strolling into fall. In math we are in the middle of Unit 2 (Fractions/Decimals/Percents).  We are in our centers again (new) working on ALEKS, 5-A-Day (due Friday), Math Playground and filling out our study guides for our Science assessment (Oct. 9th). The students have been working well together and learning from one another playing our fraction elimination game. Ask them about Go Figure and see what they can recall from the first episode.  Have a great week!
P. Sheck
This Wednesday is our Unit 1 Science Exam over rocks and minerals.  Students have a study guide over all of the topics. On the other side of that paper, we are working on converting fractions/decimals/percents and choosing greater than or less than or equal to. This paper is the only math "homework" for the week and students had ten minutes in class today to work on it. In centers, we are playing the "yellow" card game, working on division of fractions (flip & multiply), ordering F/D/P, reviewing Chapters 1-3.  Toward the end of the quarter, there is going to be a short cycled assessment over ratios, F/D/P, and Decimals (+, -, x) to see which topics have been mastered and which need revisiting. If your student needs extra assistance in Math/Science, please ask them to stay in at Recess on Mondays, Thursdays, or from 1:15-1:45 (in the lab) for RTI or re-teaching. 
Have a great week!
P. Sheck  
Our Science Exams went very well.  Students were able to distinguish the three different types of rocks, what makes them up (over thousands of years), discovered how to identify different properties of minerals and how different items are in different soils.  Our average grade was a 17.5 out of 20.  In Math, we are finishing up fractions/decimals/percents (Chapt. 2) with an assessment planned for Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 2019.  A study guide with similar questions (like the assessment) should be coming home to practice. This up-comping week, we have a lot going on:
Monday: Deputy Brad Gearhart discussion on safety social media/etc. Work on ALEKS (no centers),1 on 1 questions over Chapt. 2 (Kidney Table)
Tuesday: Math Assessment Unit 2
Wednesday: Safety Day
Thursday: Last day of the quarter; "Awards Day"
Friday: Teacher work day: NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS
If you haven't scheduled a parent/teacher conference yet, please send in a note and a preferred time for Nov. 4th or 5th.  If these dates do not work, I am able to complete a phone conference as well.
Have a great weekend!
P. Sheck
Today was our Unit 2 assessment over Fractions/Decimals/Percents.  In Mrs. Thacker's class, the class average was 18/22 (81.8 %).  Most students struggled with changing a fraction to a decimal and/or converting a mixed number to lowest terms.  Based on this assessment, we will re-visit converting from one another in next week's centers.  Chapters 4 & 5 will be combined. These topics include: changing mixed numbers and improper fractions, multiplying and dividing such numbers, and plotting points on the coordinate plane.  We will use our GEO BOARDS for a hands on activity, create different shapes in the four quadrants and determine the distance between two points on the coordinate plane. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please let me know.
P. Sheck
Today, students worked on changing mixed numbers to improper fractions and multiplied them.  Their homework/classwork is a worksheet, pg. 59 worth 5 points (Due Friday).  In centers we are working converting mixed numbers to improper fractions as well as multiplying 3 mixed numbers.  Advanced students have the opportunity to earn a shot at the "Clown's Mouth" by recording answers for all eleven questions.  Quarter two in Science is all about Cells.  Our focus is plant/animal cells and zooming in on the similarities and differences of the two. Our project this quarter is a presentation with a visual aide of some sort.  A rubric will be coming home soon which will look like the following: 
Visual : 5 
Eye Contact: 5
Similarities/Differences of cells: 5
Overall Presentation: 5
Length (Time): 5
Have a great week!
P.  Sheck
Thank you to all of the parents/guardians that came in for conferences.  It was great to discuss all sorts of issues and get back on the same page. If you were unable to make your conference time, or would like one, please call the office @ 740-828-2781 and we can set one up.  I am also able to complete phone conferences. 
This short week we are working on our Unit 4/5 assessment over multiplying/dividing fractions, mixed numbers and whole numbers. We are also comparing positive and negative integers (#'s on a number line).  Last, we are working on multi-step word problems dealing with fractions. There are nine questions on the assessment worth 20 points. Recall that quizzes/tests are worth 60% of your student(s) grade. 30% is in class work and 10% is homework.  If you have any questions, please let me know. 
In Science, we are still researching on either plant or animal cells.  The rubric directly above is how each student will be graded.
Enjoy the weather!
P. Sheck  
Update: Mrs. Thacker's Homeroom finished their Unit 4/5 assessment.  However, my homeroom wasn't quite ready to take it. Thus, my homeroom worked on "Monday Centers", while Mrs. Thacker's worked on the assessment.  Come Monday, we will switch roles to keep everyone on the same page. The grades will be posted as soon as the students finish their assessment. 
Next week in centers we will focus on OAA type questions, learning about absolute value, and be introduced to expressions.
Recall that our Science projects are due on or before December 20th (worth 25 points).
Have a great weekend!
P. Sheck 
In math we are working on Absolute Value, Plotting Points, Reflecting Coordinates, Ordering Integers, Creating & Solving Expressions, Powers, and Exponents. We have continued centers this week working on "Who wants to be a Hundredaire" game over expressions, OAA type questioning, ALEKS, Study Island (Expressions), Plant/Animal Cell Projects/practice.  We are bouncing around some to finish chapter 5 and begin chapter 6. This Friday, students will take a short cycled assessment (worth 6 points) over plotting points, reflecting coordinates and solving an expression. 
In Science, students are focusing in on their plant or animal cell project, investigating more about cells (in general) and preparing their presentations/visuals. 
Have a great week.
Recall: If there is a calamity day, the continuous learning assignment is due the next day.
P. Sheck
We have finished our first math journal. This week we will focus on Chapter 6, lessons (1-3) an introduction to Powers, Exponents, Variables and Expressions. In our centers, students will review concepts from Chapter 5 and complete a worksheet over "6th grade Thus Far".  We will also continue researching our plant or animal cell project (Due on or before Dec. 20th), working on ALEKS (a few topics each week), completing a game on math playground over Expressions/Equations, and finally working as a group on 5-A-Day week #9 (due Friday, November 22nd. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
In Science, we will have a quiz tomorrow over the levels of organization. Students have come up with clever ways to memorize the 5 levels. They should also have their notes. We discussed Mitosis and Meiosis today in class.  Ask your student if they can recall how to show with their hands both cell divisions. 
Have a great week. Beat Penn State!
P. Sheck 
Today we played review Bingo using math vocabulary words.  Students earned scottie pats and "shooting purposes" towards the clown's mouth. When we come back, December 4th (Wednesday), we will continue with expressions, Chapter 6, Lesson 3. Over the break, students can complete their A.R. goals, work daily on ALEKS, get ahead/caught up on Study Island, and complete independent practices for Chapter 6.  Furthermore, I would like to see them practice their cell project.  These presentations are due no later than December 20th. Have a great Thanksgiving.
P. Sheck  
This week we are working on writing and solving expressions. Next week we will begin working with centers. We will continue to work on expressions, play a few "review" games to assist on expressions. Students will have the opportunity to complete their In-class work (5-a-day week 10) during this time. In Science, students should be studying for their Chapter 2 Test on December 18th. Study Guides went home today and we discussed a few organ systems and the specific functions of them.  Have a great week!
P. Sheck 
We are in Chapter 6, Lesson 4 working on writing expressions. In our math book, students have the independent practice for homework (page 489) which will be due on Wednesday, December 11th. This in class work/homework deals with the Distributive property. Students are working on Study Island (Expressions), and will be able to play review BINGO if they have it completed on December 19th/20th. Our Science assessment is scheduled for December 18th, a day after Frozen II. Your student should have a completed study guide (#'s 1-8) and should be frequently looking at it. Have a great week!
P. Sheck
Today we worked on the distributive property, and reviewed how to factor. An extra practice paper (pg. 491) can be completed as a further review. Thursday and Friday we will be working with equivalent expressions and playing a "Jeopardy" game. Students will continue working with the distributive property, associative property and commutative property. 
Science cell projects are due by December 20th. Our scheduled exam is for Wednesday, December 18th, 2019.
Congrats to all spelling bee students who participated this afternoon. Our six students moving on to our district spelling bee are Jaxson, Dallace, Avarie, Owen, Ian, Lillian.  Our building winner was Owen H. (Congrats). Good luck to all students on Tuesday, January 2st, 2020 at Nashport Elementary School starting at 6:00 pm. 
Today we took our Science Exam (Unit 2) and grades have been posted. The average grades are Thacker: 21/24 = 87.5% and Sheck: 20/24 = 83% If your student has yet to complete their cell presentation, they have two more days. 
Have a great week!
P. Sheck 
Happy New Year! The third quarter began today and we discussed our Math and Science topics. In Math, we are in unit 8 dealing with equations, function tables and inequalities. In Science, we are working on building roller coasters, kinetic and potential energy and understanding Newton's Laws of Motion. There will be more work (both in and out of class) this quarter for math (roughly 10-15 min per night). Please check your student's agenda daily. Typically, our 6th grade team does not assign homework on the weekends. Please keep up with your A.R. Goals and remember to complete your non-fiction goal.
Let's have a fantastic 2020 and quarter!
P. Sheck   
We have new centers which will begin Monday, January 13th, 2020. During that week, students will work on their flip books (Newton's Laws of Motion), begin their "roller coaster" groups research, complete 5-A-Day #11 (Due Friday, January 17th, 2020), and learn about inequalities. Your student has a front and back worksheet over expressions and equations which is due tomorrow. 
Have a great week!
P. Sheck
This week we are reviewing writing and solving equations. Most students do a great job of solving the equations given an unknown variable (letter that stands for some number). However, we are going to continue to practice writing equations given a scenario throughout this week and part of next week. Our Unit 7 Exam is scheduled for Wednesday, January 22nd, and study guides went out today. Each day, we will fill in two problems so students will have time to master each topic before the twenty second. In Science, we got into our "big" roller coaster groups. Students had the opportunity to explain to their group what type of roller coaster they plan on building, where in the room and how it will be free standing. Students will continue to make changes to their project and eventually will be given the entire class period to construct, adjust, and abide by the rubric for our potential and kinetic energy experiment! The overall winning time (the longest time the marble rolls) will be granted a D.Q. Blizzard on Mr. Sheck.
Have a fun-filled week!
P. Sheck 
Tomorrow we will be taking our unit 7 assessment. Students asked questions and practice similar questions during class today. We will not be having centers this week because of our exam and M.L.K day. Next week, we will resume centers and continue with 5-A-Day. There will only be one homework assignment this week outside of "studying". In centers, students will have the chance to work on their Newton's Flip books. I hope everyone has a great week!
P. Sheck 
Unreal how fast January has come and almost gone. This week in centers we are finishing our flip books (Newton's Laws of Motion), working on solving and graphing inequalities, Week #13 Five-A-Day, playing an expressions game (Martians), and of course, working on ALEKS. Ask your student what their ALEKS pie is at. Mrs. Thacker's class average is 205, and my class average is a 203. In Science, students have 3 pieces of their roller coaster track and are still working together to construct a free standing frame. Over the next two weeks, students will be given opportunities to rebuild, draw their blue prints and create the best possible roller coaster (the one that allows the marble to stay in motion the longest). Let me know if your student needs help in math/science. 
P. Sheck  
Today we worked on finishing up centers, in/out tables, graphing inequalities, creating our STEM project "Roller Coasters" (Potential & Kinetic Energy), collected 5-A-Days and took a quiz over Number the Stars. Next week, we will continue with centers, have one more practice day for our roller coasters (Final Day is Wednesday, February 5th, 2020). In math, we will continue with Chapter 8, and learn one or more step inequalities & graphing them. 
Enjoy the weekend!
P. Sheck 
This week we are ready to race our roller coasters (STEM project), working in our centers groups, and combining Chapters 8 and 9. Chapter 9 deals with Area (Triangles and Coordinate Plane). We will use the Geo-boards to build specific shapes and areas to allow students deeper understanding. Let's have a great week!
P. Sheck 
This week, CLA #1 is due today, if it is not turned in by tomorrow, recess will be taken and/or other consequences will be addressed. Today we completed a double center (make-up from Friday), and also received Week #14 (Five-A-Day). Because this is a short week, I will allow students some extra time in class to ensure this assignment is completed by Thursday, February 13th. Tonight's in-class/homework assignment is review over inequalities, this will close the gap on open or closed circles. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
P. Sheck 
Next week we will be doing the pacer test for the state requirements. I have been reminding the kids each week to wear the proper clothing and tennis shoes. Our Gym time is at 9:25 on Thursdays!!
This week we worked on a variety of topics. We are currently in Chapter 9, Lesson 2: Triangles (Finding the area of them). This Unit is by far, the most complicated for all students.
Our overall assessment will be over these topics: Inequalities, In & Out tables, Area of a variety of shapes and surface area. I have combined topics from both Unit 8 (because of re-teaching) and Unit 9. Have a great extended weekend!
P. Sheck 
This week we are pre-testing for our next unit over Area and Perimeter.  This will lead us into centers next week, with new groups, and we will introduce surface area and volume. Our goal is to have two weeks to review for our O.A.A. in April. Centers next week include, 5-A-Day week #15, ALEKS, (no science), Extra (game/geo-board), Study Island "Finish Strong" and introduction to ability level Area/Perimeter/Surface Area/Volume. I have set a day for our Science exam on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020.Your student already has a study guide for this assessment. We will cover this more next week. With all the recent absent students, students have opportunities to get ahead on items as well as challenge themselves using the "extra cards". 
Let's finish this week strong!
P. Sheck  
Last full week of February! We have been reviewing our division (DMSCB) "Does McDonald's Sell Cheese Burgers?", working with Triangles, finding area and perimeter of a variety of shapes, working on 5-A-Day (Week #15), retrying page 677 in our math journal, and going over our study guides for Science. This week, we will focus in on potential and kinetic energy and relate them to a specific topic. Students will write one paragraph (4-6 sentences) connecting potential and kinetic energy to a topic of their choice.  This assignment will be due on Wednesday, February 26th. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know. 
P. Sheck 
Let the madness begin! This week we "made-up" our Friday center in preparation for our Wednesday Science Exam and our Friday (March 6th Math Exam). CLA #2 are due by the end of the day today. 5-A-Day (week 15) was collected today and we went over both study guides. Students had the option to get caught up on ALEKS (should be over 150 topics) or play the Jeopardy review game. The review is similar to what we are working on in math.  Since there are no centers this week, we will not have as much homework. I would prefer the students to spend a few minutes outside of class looking and practicing their study guides. Five or ten minutes will be enough time to practice to show what they know on their assessments. 
Bring on the OAA!
P. Sheck
Since today is supposed to be the nicest day of the year, the winning team from the STEM "roller coaster" challenge earned their D.Q. Blizzards. Today we took the STAR reading assessment, worked on Mean-Median-Mode-Range (referring to our notes (drawings), went over our math assessment from Friday, began 5-A-Day week #16 and discussed our SLO Science (which will be at the end of this month.) The students will get back into centers next Monday, March 16th. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know.
Let's Have a Great Week!
Go Lady Dawgs!!!
P. Sheck 
Our current plan for this week (March 16th, 2020) is to have students work on C.L.A.'s #3,4,5. These are posted on this same page under continuous learning assignments.  
A note from Mrs. Smalley:
"I talked with the yearbook company and we have to keep the same deadline for sales. Please pass this along to your families!"


Yearbook Sale ENDS Friday March 20th 

You can order ONLINE at   book.hrimaging.com

$16 each


Feel free to email with any questions/comments/concerns, and I will email you back as quickly as possible.


P. Sheck 



Will continue 3 lessons per week for the next 2 weeks (CLA's 6-11). There are paper copies in the office for those that need it. I was unable to collect all names of students who don't have the internet access, and with the Libraries shut down, I decided that paper copies would be best. I will try to get more information to you as soon as possible. Stay safe and we will get through this.


Here is some information about King's Island: 

I regret to inform you that our 6th grade Kings Island trip has been cancelled for this year. We are working with the bus company and Kings Island to get reimbursed for our cost. Our treasurer has begun the process of creating PO's to every parent so reimbursement can be made. Please be patient with us as this process takes time, but know you will be fully refunded.


P. Sheck 



I have emailed all homeroom students a letter of information for the next two weeks. If you need paper copies and/or paper, there is a red tub outside the main doors. Please take one of each from Mrs. Thacker and my own CLA's.  I hope to see you all sooner than later.

Stay safe and healthy.

P. Sheck 



Parents/Guardians please have your student login to Google classroom today if possible. This is how we will be posting "lessons" for the month of April. There will be videos and activities on this site for students to watch and complete. By using this site, students will not be bored with the overwhelming amount of worksheets we have been doing. The lessons will be more interactive and engaging for the students to work on each week. 

We do need to hear from everyone! Please email Mrs. Thacker or accept the google invitation and we will assume that you will be up and ready to go Monday morning (April 6th, 2020) . For those students who are unable to access the internet, we will have alternate activities for you to pick up outside of the building. Please only take them if you cannot access the internet (google classroom). 

Please stay at home and keep practicing social distancing.

Have a great day and enjoy some sunshine!

P. Sheck 



Dear 6th grade parents,

Despite being forced into a different routine with this health crisis, it is time to begin planning for your child's 7th grade schedule at TVMS! The following link is a Google Form so you and your child can have conversations and make decisions over the next week to enroll in 8th grade courses.  All course requests must be completed by Friday, April 17th within this google form.  Please complete all fields within the form thoroughly, as clicking on the fields provide you the elective options:


Each 7th grade student schedule consists of core classes (English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies), as well as Writing, Physical Education, STEM or Financial Literacy, and Lunch. Many students also choose to take an elective course. In order to complete schedules, we will need you and your child to choose your preferred elective options by selecting your first, second, and third choice below. Make your choices carefully as limited space and schedule conflicts may result in your student not receiving their first choice.

Thank you for your assistance.  If you have questions, feel free to email Mrs. Lynda Miller, our Student Support at ljmiller@tvschools.org or me.

Mr. Patrick Hopkins


Happy middle of the week! Some students and their families have been contacting me with ideas/concerns/suggestions. Here are some ideas to choose from if you are too bored or the work is too difficult:

Work outside around your yard (pick up sticks, weed eat, mow etc.)

Get on ALEKS (358), Study Island (Finish Math), Khan Academy, Look ahead to 7th grade teachers' lessons/curriculum

Mrs. Thacker and I are working to make this more meaningful learning than just CLA's. Please continue to have a positive attitude toward school and working on these items during these difficult times. 


Keep up the great work!

P. Sheck 


Good afternoon 6th grade families! I have added the C.L.A. assignments to my web page and also put them outside of the school for those needing paper copies. We are still using google classroom; however, some people asked if I could post them on my web page as well. You can either scan them to me and email them or you can drop them off in front of the building and I will collect them periodically. As of now, we are still planning on following T.V.'s guidelines of completing three C.L.A.'s per week. 

I hope you and your family are practicing social distancing and I hope to see you all soon. Mrs. Thacker and I miss you and are hoping this is the light at the end of the tunnel!

Congrats to the three students who are in "7th Grade" ALEKS. If you are bored, you can continue to work ahead, ALEKS, maybe do something nice for your family. 

P. Sheck



There is currently no new information I have to share; however, I am expecting the Governor to say something today or tomorrow on whether or not we will continue this school year. As information comes to me, I will post and share with you. Stay safe and enjoy some sunshine!

If your student needs something "extra" if they are too bored, here would be my suggestions:

1.) Get to "7th Grade" ALEKS

2.) Finish Study Island

3.) Read (daily)

4.) Help out around the house

5.) Find Sudoku's to complete

6.) Create a scavenger hunt for someone

Stay Tuned....and have some patience !!!!

P. Sheck 



Other than what the Governor has stated about school, I have been instructed to collect library books that your student(s) have checked out. I will look through their desks and lockers and turn in what they have. If your student(s) have a library book at home, please return it to the 6th Grade box in front of our school and I will see that it gets returned. It is my intention, to continue CLA's through May 15th (Friday). 

There is some confusion (expected) on what students are to complete. If your student has been working on Google Classroom, they do not have to complete the CLA's I post. The reason I post CLA's is for students who do not have paper copies (I place them outside of the school in the 6th Grade tub). This also allows me to differentiate for students who think the work is too difficult or too easy. In other words, they can complete the CLA (paper copy) if the google classroom is too difficult. They can answer the questions on a piece of paper and turn them in as they finish.  

Please continue to read, get on ALEKS, finish Study Island and help out around your house. Try to reach out to some of your peers by writing letters, communicating over the phone, messenger etc. 

We all miss you guys. Stay safe and positive. 

P. Sheck 


We are missing several library books. If you have those books at home, you can return them to the 6th Grade box (located in front of our building) and I will return them to the library. I have cleaned out all of the desks and put away the Science books, whiteboards, and calculators. Your students items are on top of their desks. I will continue to help out as much as possible through email or google classroom. We are very pleased with the amount of students who continue to ask for more work. Keep up the great work!! When new information arrives, I will share! Stay safe!


P. Sheck 



I have placed the final two assignments out in front of the school. One is labeled May 4th-8 and the other is May 11th-15. Please turn in all work by May 15th. This is the final day of the "quarter". Please stay safe and communicate with one another. We have packed up our 6th grade items. Families with a last name of A through F will come in Thursday morning (May 14th, 2020 from (9-11), G through M Thursday afternoon from (1-3), N though S Friday morning (May 15th) from (9-11) and T through Z Friday afternoon from (1-3). Please find your students' items in the gym and abide by the social distancing guidelines. 

Stay Safe

P. Sheck 



This is the last week to turn in all C.L.A.'s. They are due on Friday, May 15th. The final C.L.A. paper copies are in front of the school for those that still need them. Hope to see you on May 20th @ 2:00!

Help a family member out today,

P. Sheck 





websites below will prepare your student(s) for this school year.

For viewing grades please visit : https://parent.laca.org/General/LoginPage.aspx?DistrictID=13 

Here are a few links that will benefit you and your 6th grade student! :

The following link is a practice test site from Oregon but is very similar to what I can tell this year’s test will look like.




To Help Prepare for the ONLINE ASSESSMENT:
Use to Gain More Knowledge in math and science us "study jams" and choose math or science for grade level equivalence and topic.
For Guided One on One Tutoring (when I am not available)

**Homework will be increasing to prepare them for 7th grade. Look for 1-2 assignments a week in math during the first quarter.**

Study Island

Scholastic Books allows parents to place book orders online.

Book It! Reading Program to encourage and motivate students to read.

Accelerated Reader Book Finder allows students to search for book titles to help them meet their AR goals.

Donna Whyte's: The Smartie Zone

Ohio Department of Education allows students to practice for the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

Tri-Valley Discipline Policy: Discipline is essential to the educational process. The discipline policy provides a clear understanding of the behavior expected of our students.


Fact Monster!  Look here for all kinds of information and games

Ohio Department of Education

Ohio Department of Students with Exceptional Needs

The Council for Exceptional Children

Wright's Law Special Education and Advocacy

Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center
The address below is used for AIR testing.  Students can see sample problems, take practice tests, explore and contact ODE with any problems.  
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