Principal's Message


Larry Bevard

Message from the Principal

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2019-20 school year! I have 4 items for the safety and security of the children.

  1. Parent drop off

A) Please be courteous and observe the 2:1 rotation of taking turns. The longer line that goes behind the school (outside) should get 2 cars for every 1 car in the shorter (inside).

B) Please do not drop your children off in front of the building where the buses are. We would prefer that if you bring your children to school, you drop them off on the east side of the building in the line of cars.

C) Also, unless you absolutely need to enter the building, please do not park on the west side of the building and walk into the building with your child. The exception is: Kindergarten parents- if you need to walk your child in, please park on the west side of the building.

  1. Parent pick up (Kindergarten- 2)

Please park in the west lot and enter the back cafeteria doors. These doors will be open daily at 3:15PM. No one should be in the building prior to that time.


  1. Emergency Procedures

In the event of an actual emergency, whether a tornado or lockdown, please do NOT come to school to pick-up your children. If we are in our Tornado Safety position or Lockdown, there will not be anyone in the office to let you in the building.


  1. Transportation changes

Please, please, please try to make sure that when your child leaves for school, they know how they will get home. We have received many phone calls late in the day already. Our wonderful secretaries take the message, then have to get word to the classrooms to your child. This makes it difficult for them to do their job and for the students and teachers to be totally productive. Please try to limit calls to school after 1:00PM to emergency situations only.


Additional information

Annual Notification of Emergencies

Tri- Valley Schools are now required to annually notify parents and legal guardians how they will be notified of emergencies. In the event of an actual emergency, parents will be notified via text alert, TEC and the TV website.


Changes to Grading Policy

Parents of students in grades 2-8 will likely notice a shift in grading philosophy as we begin the 2019-20 school year. This shift will move the district more in the direction of grading actual student performance. In order to better prepare our students for the competitive atmosphere of higher education and or the workplace, it is our belief that performance matters.  There will be less emphasis on homework grades and participation grades moving forward, and much more emphasis on actual student performance. Students will have less opportunity to impact their grades with extra credit or homework because we want them to understand the value and importance of learning the academic content. Our goal moving forward is for the grades on our student’s report cards to reflect their actual academic performance. These grades will be valuable measurements that parents can utilize to accurately predict their child’s success on state and national assessments.


Our wonderful 1st grade teacher Tiffanee Brownrigg has been selected the Nashport 2018-19 Teacher of the Year.


PTO events

I am pleased to announce dates for upcoming Nashport PTO Events. First, the PTO will be sponsoring the Nashport PTO Color Splash Run on Saturday, September 14 on the campus of Zane State/ OUZ. Next, we will be hosting Trunk or Treat on Thursday, October 17. Finally, we will have our Fall Festival on Saturday, Nov. 2.


These events promise to be fun for the whole family. Stay tuned for more info. Visit the Nashport website for more information.


Paperless Report Cards/ Interim Reports

Tri-Valley Schools no longer do paperless report cards. Parents will be able to access interim reports and grade cards on-line through the parent access section of progress book. Information was sent home on the 1st day of school.


Registration Gateway

The Registration Gateway Update system is open for returning Tri-Valley students.  All families will be need to access the system to update their child's medical information, emergency contacts, and sign forms.  Students will NOT be permitted to access the internet using school devices until the update is complete.  The system will be open until September 22nd.  Go to, click on PARENTS at the top, Student Registration..., Registration Gateway on the left, Current TV Families (Update).  Use your youngest child's ID number and date of birth including the / (ex. 01/01/2000).


Have a great week!

Mr. Bevard



September Calendar of events

AUg 30                bus safety (k-3)                                             9:20am

                             bus evacuations (K-1)                                AFTER

SEPT 11               PTO                                                                      6:00PM

sept 14               NE PTO Color Splash Run at ZS/OUZ         regist 8:00AM

sept 23               Timm gp day                                                    2:15pm

Sept 24               greulich & mERCE gp day                         10am

                             Finnell gp day                                              2:15pm

sept 25               smith & MCINTIRE   gp day                       10am

Stillwell gp day                                         2:15pm

sept 26               Still gp day                                                    2:15pm

super scottie                                                9:30am






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