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Continuous Learning Assignment (previously referred to as Blizzard Bags)


This year students will have the opportunity to make up for a day lost in art. So, for example: if you are a student who has art on Tuesday and we did not have school on Tuesday ... then you owe me an assignment. You only owe me an assignment if you missed art that day.

The first CLA you owe me will of course be connected to TEAM BUILDING. Choose any work of art in any medium your heart desires and TOGETHER WITH A PARENT OR FAMILY MEMBER... create something together. It can be ANYTHING! If you miss another day weather related, you may choose from the options on the list below. We have only 8 days we can miss this school year without make-up.


 Kindergarten through 6th Grade

You may one choose from the following options:


1. Draw on any size paper using any supplies you have on hand a rendering of any room in your home.

This could be drawing the inside of a cabinet, your bedroom or even the living room couch with pillows.


2. Find any scraps of paper around the house to recreate the color wheel. See color wheel photo here.


3. (If you have access to the internet) Write a paragraph about an artist you enjoy his/her work. Write what you

like about his or her style and use of elements. You could also do this be recalling a painting or work of art we

talked about in class. 4-5 sentences would be sufficient.


4. Using a book you are currently reading for AR, draw a scene from your favorite page in the book using any

supplies you have on hand at home.


5. Using any items you have on hand at home, create a 3-D sculpture in any form. (Clay or paper, cardboard etc.)


6. Go on a texture hunt in your house. Using a paper & crayon find as many 3d rubbings in mysterious places.


7. Draw something using a bottle of glue. Let it dry. Paint over it & while its still wet try to make a print onto a blank piece of paper.


8. Write a poem and replace some of the words using illustrations. For instance, instead of writing the word tree, DRAW the tree.


9. Using a selfie to refer to or a mirror, make a DETAILED self-portrait.


10. Practice your full name in block or bubble lettering. Then fill it using zentangle fun lines or shapes in color.


11. Create a new set of wings like Kelsey Montague.


These will be given a check mark as completed, no letter grade.