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Attention PARENTS: ALL STUDENT ART WILL BE RETURNED IN FALL for both Adamsville & Dresden Elem. Please email me: to turn in work.


Covid-19 Learning Art from Home (previously referred to as Blizzard Bags and CLA)

       Hello everyone at home!!! I miss you!!! This is certainly a very uncertain time; but trust me when I say: my thoughts are with all of you while you are at home! Remember you have art once per week. Take the time to spend 30-40 minutes making art ... you owe yourself an assignment and time being creative. Thank you for taking the time to click on my webpage. Or, if your family has other GREAT ideas, I am so happy to accept things you come up with together on your own creative ideas.

     The first Covid-19 (or CLA) you owe me will of course be connected to TEAM BUILDING. Choose any work of art in any medium your heart desires and TOGETHER WITH A PARENT OR FAMILY MEMBER... create something together. It can be ANYTHING! Next week, you may choose from the options on the list below. ALSO, check my INSTAGRAM for great videos and ideas using art history:


By now the end of our year (DEADLINE MAY 15) you should have completed 9 Art assignments. Choose any options in your grade level. PLEASE take pictures of these works. I really would love to send pictures to our Zanesville museum for their Kids Art Show soon!!


1. Go on a nature walk with a parent and take a beautiful picture. Try to capture this using an interesting rectangle. Practice recognizing basic shape.

2. Practice coloring together with a parent. Please try this slowly, remember this is not a "scribble party" as we say. :)

3. Search the house for something RED, YELLOW and BLUE. Memorize that these are the PRIMARY colors.

4. What book are you reading? Try using shapes to draw one of the characters. Remember my Dad? (Larry) Remember Bob? Show your parents the difference between Bob the stickman and Larry. If you are reading a book about a character named Lola, practice drawing Lola using rectangles, squares and ovals.

5. What sight words are you practicing? For example, is it the word "happy?" Draw something that will help you remember any sight word.

6. Try spelling your name with things you find around the house or outside and snap a photo. 

First Grade

1. Draw on any size paper using any supplies you have on hand a rendering/drawing of any room in your home. This could be drawing the inside of a cabinet, your bedroom or even the living room couch with pillows.

2.Remember when we took a DOG for a walk? It was a slow curvy line on a paper. Practice coloring in a new dog walk using any 3 colors of your choice. As you create organic/curvy shapes color them. 

3. Search the house for something ORANGE, GREEN and VIOLET/PURPLE. Memorize that these are the SECONDARY colors. 

4. Using scrap paper in the house, ask each family member to draw a character. (ANY CHARACTER) After you finish, cut them out, sit in a circle and make up a story with them. If you drew a turtle, you begin "once upon a time there was a turtle named Harry" then Dad goesnext to say, "Harry came upon a forest where he saw a bear names Jack." Keep buiding on the story together. One student used popcicle sticks, but use anything to make your characters. Maybe for anotherart lesson, you could add more characters in your story/play. You will think of many twists and turna that your story takes. 

5. Practice coloring or painting (if you have paint), practice RINSE, LIFT and DRAG with a brush. Slow strokes without creating our "scribble party."

6. Try any drawing tutorial, see my Instagram for a Disney one.


Second Grade

1. Search the house for something RED, YELLOW, BLUE and ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE/VIOLET. Memorize that these are PRIMARY and SECONDARY groups of colors. Share that I have referred to them as ketchup, mustard and blueberries, oranges, green grapes and purple grapes together with a parent/grandparent.

2. Find any scraps of paper around the house to recreate the color wheel. See color wheel photo here or on my Instagram I posted a fun one with things around the house.

3. Do you have one of those adult coloring books? Practice coloring together with a parent, using careful strokes either always up-and-down or side-to-side. Point out the difference in areas that you took your time or hurried and put it aside once you feel tired. Go back to it and actually finish the page so you can hang it. If you don't have a coloring book, print one from the internet.

4. Memorize that WARM colors are: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW and COOL colors are GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE. Talk about warm reminds you of hot flames and cool reminds you of an ocean or frozen lake.

5. Draw or paint something using only cool or warm colors.

6. Try a drawing tutorial, you can find a Disney one online, see my Instagram.

7. Spell your first name with beautiful things in nature you find. Each letter can be different. Snap a picture. 


Third Grade 

1. Memorize that the ELEMENTS of ART are: line, color, shape, space, form, texture and value. 

2. Using any 2 elements (see above), make a drawing. For example, SHAPE and VALUE. You may turn a circle into a sphere by adding shading on one side with the side of your pencil. You may want to research on the web. 

3. (If you have access to the internet) Write a paragraph about an artist you enjoy his/her work. Write what you like about his or her style and use of elements. You could also do this be recalling a painting or work of art we talked about in class. 3 or 4 sentences would be sufficient. Is it Gaudi from Spain that you are trying to recall? Architects are artists too!!!

4. Look at any photograph or work of art in a book or magazine. Talk about the words SUBJECT MATTER. This is the main idea or what the artist/photographer wants you to see FIRST.. What is the subject matter of what your eyes are seeing? Maybe it is a close-up of a seashell.... but yet, you see the sand and ocean too. Truly, the subject matter is more the shell than the ocean, right? 

5. Take a picture. (using permission from a parent to use their phone) Talk about the subject matter with a parent about what you want them to see first. See my calf picture on my Instagram. The subject matter is calf, not the fence or field. 

6. Team-build together with a parent ANYTHING.

7. Snap a beautiful picture of your name using beautiful, interesting things in nature. 


Fourth Grade

1. Using a book you are currently reading for AR, draw a scene from your favorite page in the book using anysupplies you have on hand at home.

2. Talk about the difference between 2D and 3D. Go around the house finding things you consider to be 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional and explain these to a parent.

3. Using any items you have on hand at home, create a 3-D sculpture in any form. (Clay or paper, cardboard etc.) See my Instagram of my Gaudi building using a pizza box I had ready to recycle. No tape or glue is needed, only a box and scissors. Be careful.

4. Do you have sidewalk chalk? If you do, make a drawing with permission outside. If not, you can make this using water and corn starch with combinations of food coloring.

5. Make your own sidewalk chalk. Using cornstarch and water (equal parts) in a cupcake pan or small cups, create new colors. Combin them and learn from color mixing. If you added red and yellow, write dwn that you made orange. You can use this outside with a brush on the driveway or sidewalk!

6. Go on a texture hunt in your house. Using a paper & crayon find as many 3d rubbings in mysterious places. Be careful not to get crayon on walls.

7. Team-build together with a parent ANYTHING.


Fifth Grade

1. Draw something using a bottle of glue. Let it dry. Paint over it & while its still wet try to make a print onto a blank piece of paper.

2. Write a poem and replace some of the words using illustrations. For instance, instead of writing the word tree, DRAW the tree.

3. Using a selfie to refer to or a mirror, make a DETAILED self-portrait.

4. Remember the artist from Spain, PICASSO? Make a new portrait like Picasso. You made need reference on the web. Picasso did wacky things. 

5. Write a two paragraph essay about what you liked best about this year in Spain in the art room. 

6. Using a box you have at home (any box), make a sculpture. This is 3D. 

7. Team-build with a parent ANYTHING.

Sixth Grade

1. Practice your full name in block or bubble lettering. Then fill it using zentangle fun lines or shapes in color.

2. Create a new set of wings like Kelsey Montague.

3. Make a virus mask using an old white t-shirt you have permission to cut. Please ask a parent first and check my Instagram for a short lesson.

4. Write a two paragraph essay about why you like Gaudi, the architect in Barcelona. 

5. Make a drawing/architect plan of a new Gaudi-like building.

6. Team-build together with a parent ANYTHING.


These will be given a check mark as completed, no letter grade.

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