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Mr. Conrad -5th Grade Mathematics Teacher

Phone: 754-4001 extension 4100.


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My undergraduate majors are in Education grades 4-9 Mathematics and Science.  My graduate work is a specialized MAT degree in Teaching Mathematics to Middle Childhood ages.

About Me

I enjoy just about anything outdoors, but especially enjoy fishing and camping.  I also enjoy gardening and raising chickens.  I have a wife and two children who attend Tri-Valley.  

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe all students are to be held with high expectations in their learning.  I understand that it is the classroom environment that can help or hinder as students' understanding of a concept.

Common Core / The NEW Learning Standards

There has been a lot of controversy about the new standards.  Speaking in terms of the 'math' standards I have this to say:

With any new change comes growth pains; we must also understand that we live in an ever changing world that must be reflected in the classroom.  Thus we are producing a student body that must be adaptive to new styles of learning and new content, this also includes new methods of assessment that will enable them to be productive and successful adults.

The Mathematics Common Core Curriculum is a good move for Ohio in that it places emphasis in two major areas of mathematics that any math teacher will say are weaknesses: first there is an emphasis in the fundamentals/foundational skills.  Without the basics, students can't properly climb to the next rung in the ladder in their understandings.  Second, the focus on 'conceptual understanding' places greater emphasis on students 'understand their understandings' (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005).  This answers the question of do students really understand what their learning or do they just know how to get the answer?




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