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Prescription and non-prescription medications shall be administered in accordance with program policy and procedures and within the auspices of the Medical Administration policies of Tri-Valley Local Schools and only with written permission of a parent or guardian. 

Please abide by the following guidelines:
(1)  All prescription medicine must be current within the last twelve months, kept in its original container and have a legible label containing the child’s name and written instructions for use from a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or dentist.  All medicines will be kept in a locked cabinet in the Nurse’s office that is inaccessible to children.  An inhaler or non-prescription medication may be available to a child with a special health condition with parent permission in accordance with the District’s policy
(2)  In the case of any new medicine, parents should give the first dose of any newly prescribed medication so that they may personally observe the child’s initial reaction to the medication.

Appropriate written consent must be provided to the school office and Scottie Kids Club Staff.  Forms are available at each school building.