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  1. There shall be no cruel, harsh, or corporal punishment or any other unusual punishments such as, but not limited to, punching, pinching, shaking, spanking or biting.
  2. No discipline shall be delegated to any other child.
  3. No physical restraints shall be used to confine a child by any means other than holding a child for a short period of time, such as a protective hug, so that a child may regain control.
  4. No child shall be placed in a locked room or confined to an enclosed area such as a closet, a box, or a similar cubicle.
  5. No child shall be subjected to profane language, threats, derogatory remarks about himself/herself or his/her family, or other verbal abuse.
  6. Discipline shall not be imposed on a child for failure to eat, failure to rest or sleep, or for toileting accidents.
  7. Techniques of discipline shall not humiliate, shame or frighten a child.
  8. Discipline shall not include withholding food, rest or toilet use.
  9. Separation, when used as discipline, shall be brief in duration and appropriate to the child’s age and developmental ability, and the child shall be within sight and hearing of a SACC staff member in a safe, lighted and well-ventilated space.
  10.  A Student Discipline Plan will exist as follows:

1*Verbal Warning on First Offense
2*Timeout and/or removal from Situation/Area
3*Parents Notified in person and/or in writing with behavior report
4*Parents will be contacted by Program Coordinator for possible permanent removal from   Scottie Kids Club Program