1. Students will abide by the rules set forth for Scottie Kids Club.
  2. Students will follow directions and be respectful of adult leadership.
  3. Students will keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times and not do anything that could cause bodily harm to another individual.
  4. Students will respect one another.
  5. Students will not bully one another in any way.
  6. Students will use appropriate voices for the environment they are in.
  7. Students will enter and exit the building through the appropriate doors.
  8. Students will sign in when they arrive and will not leave the premises until signed out by an approved adult.
  9. Students will not chew gum anywhere in the school building.
  10. Students will treat materials that belong to “Scottie Kid’s Club” with respect and will not purposely damage these items in any way.
  11. Students will return materials belonging to “Scottie Kid’s Club” to the appropriate locations as designated.
  12. Students needing assistance with homework will come prepared with what they need.